Service department

Deep cleaning of Anilox rollers

Our service department carries out deep cleaning on site. In this way Flexoclean creates a proper starting point. Extensive reports are drawn up before cleaning and of the results attained after cleaning.

After deep cleaning, we advise using an appropriate daily cleaner, in order to keep the roller volumes constant. This is a concept resulting in less stagnation of the printing machines, a constant ink formulation, longer service life for the rollers and, most important of all, constant printing quality!

Flexoclean has years of experience in the industry. We have seen many deep cleaning methods come and go. Each periodic deep cleaning method which has appeared on the market has been investigated by our R&D department.

> in-line deep cleaning:

Rollers are cleaned in the printing unit on the pressure rollers. All sizes of roller are possible. This manner of cleaning is carried out by means of heating containers. Flexoclean continues developing in-line deep cleaning methods further and will soon come with a new innovative solution.

> Offline deep cleaning:

The rollers are removed from the printing unit and are placed on our lorry using a hoist and placed in the cleaning machine. This washing machine has a permanent cleaning programme and is able to clean rollers with a roller width of up to 3500 mm, with a maximum roller cross section of 300 mm, maximum roller weight 800 kg.

Dosing systems

> Dosing systems for daily products:

Flexoclean provides advice in all situations. We take account of the requirements of the insurance company, of regulations and we naturally bear in mind the ease of use. We make use of various systems, these are adapted to the wishes and possibilities on site. Ask us for the possibilities.