Our approach

The 4 step plan

Inspection location

1. Visit on location

  • Request ink, varnish and water samples for our laboratory      
  • Production specifications
Tailor made cleaner

2. Development cleaner

  • Custom-made solutions
  • Testing at our Technology Center


      Testing flexocleaner

      3. Testing the daily cleaner

      • A deepcleaning to start "fresh"
      • A monthly measurement with the AniCAM or the Ravol Liquid Volume Test
      • Evaluate the results together
      continuous service

      4. Service: Deepcleaning and dosing systems

      • Deepcleaning: Once or twice a year

               ✓ Inline deepcleaning

               ✓ Offline deepcleaning

      • Installation of a dosing system
      • Evaluate automation

      Get aware of your level of cleaning by measuring, testing and improving !

      Our activities - A total concept

      • Deepclean your Anilox rollers with different methods: Inline and offline deepcleaning: our brand new
      • Provide aid when encounting printing problems
      • Training of your staff to implement a good cleaning protocol
      • Volume measurements: Provide a overview of the state of each printing united
      • Install dosing systems to dilute the cleaners with water
      • Automate your cleaning process

      Better results for your business?

      Get in touch

      Advantages of a total concept

      • Less downtime
      • Less paper waste
      • Reduction of costs
      • Less deepcleaning
      • Constant quality
      • Ongoing effectiveness of the Anilox rolls
      • Good and fast service
      Plan Do Check Act


      See cleaning as an essential aspect of your production process. Going for the best cleaner and cleaning concept is in your maximum interest and see it in relation to the other aspects         (Machines, Anilox Rolls, Inks, Paper, Maintenance).