Corrugated cardboard

Printing corrugated cardboard is done using water-based printing inks which have been highly developed, so as to be able to produce a more high-grade end product by means of flexo printing techniques. Of course, a high-grade cleaning product tailored to ink formulations also belongs in this picture.

The specific properties of your manufacturing process demand a specialist approach. Not only of you and your own employees, but certainly also of specialised external parties.

For the corrugated cardboard printers, Flexoclean has a cleaning concept that takes into account all aspects of the quality of the end product. The challenge here is to realise continuous printing quality while putting down a correct product and a correct application. Flexoclean provides your people with on-floor training as to how to work safely with our products and how to follow our concept. By following one of our advisors, time and costs will be saved in an environmentally friendly manner.

Flexoclean also offers in-depth training on site with appropriate safe and effective methodologies. Often this service is given while the anilox roller is still fitted, we call this an in-line cleaning technique.