Flexible packaging

Printing materials such as film, metal, bags and plastic is done using solvent-based printing inks which have been highly developed, so as to be able to produce a more high-grade end product by means of flexo printing techniques. Of course, high-grade cleaning products tailored to ink formulations also belong in this picture.

The specific properties of your manufacturing process demand a specialist approach. Not only of you and your own employees, but certainly also of specialised external parties.
Many solvents are used in this branch of industry. Many of the solvents are dangerous to the environment or dangerous for users’ health.

This is an important issue for concern challenging Flexoclean to develop cleaning products with environmentally friendly solutions, which are often applied in cleaning machinery or manually during the manufacturing process.

Flexoclean also offers in-depth training on site with appropriate safe and effective methodologies. Usually this service is provided when the anilox roller is exchanged and dismounted. Our FlexMobile is equipped with a built-in cleaning machine based on a washing program.