Privacy statement


New GDPR legislation

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018. This means that the same privacy legislations applies throughout the European Union (EU) from that date. The Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (“Wbp”) will no longer apply.

This regulation ensures that the processing of personal data is secured. We consider this a positive development, as we want to handle your data with great care.


We greatly value the privacy of our customers and correspondingly exercise the greatest possible care during the processing and protection of personal data.

We process data in accordance with the conditions set in the GDPR.

This means that only we decide what personal data are processed, for what purpose this is done, and in what manner this takes place. We are responsible for ensuring that your personal data is processed in a proper and careful manner in accordance with the GDPR.

We use this “Privacy Statement” to explain which data we process and for what purpose it serves.

Grounds for the processing of personal data

If you accept our privacy statement, you give explicit permission for the use and processing of your personal data in accordance with Article 6:1a of the GDPR.

“Privacy Statement”

This Privacy Statement applies to all privacy-sensitive information or personal data you provide to us.

We are responsible for your personal data

Flexoclean Engineering BV is responsible for the processing of your personal data and greatly values the careful handling of personal data. This means, for example, that we handle personal data with due observance of strict confidentiality, that we have taken security measures to protect personal data against loss, unauthorised access or theft, and that we remove any data we no longer need for our activities.

Receiving personal data

We may process your personal data if you make use of our services. We may also process any data  you share with us online. For example, by requesting or downloading information, by completing a contact form, and any data that can be retrieved from social media.  This means that we can provide targeted and relevant information or can see what persons in specific areas are interested in Flexoclean Engineering BV. Naturally, we try to consider your personal interests as much as possible.

An overview of the personal data we process is set out below:

  • First name and surname
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Address details
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • VAT and Chamber of Commerce data (if applicable)

Our Privacy Statement applies to the use of personal data by Flexoclean Engineering BV including its website This Privacy Statement is also part of this website.

Grounds for the processing of personal data

We use personal data to process your request for information or when you purchase our products and/or services. We may also use your data to optimise the provision of our services.  Additionally, we store data because we are obliged to do so under (legal) financial and tax obligations.

We only process personal data that is needed to process requests or that contribute to the realisation of high-quality collaboration. This specifically means that we process your personal data so we can:

  • Process and manage your request.
  • Keep records concerning our (client) file.
  • Inform you about new developments and schedule appointments.
  • Inform you about general trends in the sector.
  • Keep track of who we can and cannot approach for our campaigns.
  • Manage our financial records so that we can comply with (statutory) financial and tax obligations.
  • Test and improve the quality of our services such as gaining insight in the performance of the support section and our website.
  • Carry out market research, so that we can better tailor our services to the needs of our clients.
  • Maintain web statistics (and be able to enable sharing through social media).
  • Acquire new clients.
  • Carry out internal and external audits of our services.

Use of your personal data

Your data will not be used for any other purposes than those stated above. Flexoclean Engineering BV will not sell your personal data to any third parties. We may use the IT systems of suppliers, in which case the supplier may also access the system used to process your personal data.

We will always make sure that these third parties comply with the statutory regulations on protection concerning privacy and security.

Personal data retention period

Your personal data may not be stored longer than it’s necessary. We aim to destroy personal data of clients we no longer need. Some data will be kept based on financial and/or tax obligations. In this case your data will be stored for a minimum of seven years.

When this period expires, we will ensure that your personal data is removed or destroyed with care.

Your rights with regard to personal data

You have various rights concerning your personal data, namely:

  1. You have the right to submit a request for access, correction or removal of your personal data.
  2. You have the right to object. This means that you can object to the use of your personal data for commercial purposes by Flexoclean Engineering BV. For example, the use of your personal data for our campaigns or any other use of your data because of special personal circumstances on your part.
  3. You also have the option to lodge a general complaint about the use of personal data by Flexoclean Engineering BV with both Flexoclean Engineering BV and the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

If you submit a request, we will initially assess whether we can accept it. We cannot process your request if we cannot determine your identity or if you recently (less than six months ago) submitted a similar request.

If we accept your request, there are a number of situations in which we cannot process it. For example, we would not process a request if it is more important to protect the rights of third parties . This may occur in cases where your request for access also includes personal data of other persons. If we reject a request, we will give our reasons for not fulfilling your request in writing.

You may not agree with our decision regarding a request for access, correction, removal or an objection. In this case you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority:

Website details

Our website contains various links to websites of third parties. We advise you to read the Privacy Statement on any website you are referred to at our website.

We cannot be responsible for the manner in which third-party websites handle your personal data.

Privacy Statement amendments

We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Statement. It is important to regularly check the Privacy Statement for any possible amendments.


If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Statement or how Flexoclean Engineering BV handles your personal data, please contact:

Flexoclean Engineering BV

F.a.o. Mrs. S. Cansiz-Cakir

QHSE Coordinator

Bliek 8

4941 SG Raamsdonksveer