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The washout solvent, FS90i® revolutionises the production of photopolymer plates. FS90i® does not only wash thoroughly, as usual, but in addition comes with the advantage of extremely reduced running times.

FS90i® was developed according to the principle of gentle chemistry. This means as a result: Additional measurable value for occupational safety and environmental compatibility.

In the same exemplary way, FS90i® is setting new benchmarks for the distillation management which used to be time consuming and cost intensive in the past. The conventional laboratory procedures are effectively replaced and the additive measurements reduced to just a few minutes by means of spectrum analysis.

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Plate by plate in record time!

FS90i® means that the customary, many hours of drying time are now a thing of the past. Depending on scrubber type, for instance, the drying process for a 1 mm plate is already complete after 30 minutes.

Absolutely efficient in gentle wash cycles, too!

The patented FS90i® formula defines the properties of washout solvents complete anew. For it is as of now that, in the sense of a 100% cleaning performance, it is possible to forgo the use of aggressive chemicals. This reduces plate swelling and increases dimension and fitting accuracy in a significant manner.

More effective with less chemistry!

Compared to regular washout solvents, FS90i® only still includes one component that has been classified as a hazardous substance. Owing to the low proportion of max. 10-25%, FS90i® does not need to belabelled as being hazardous to health (according to an expertise of the Fraunhofer Institute, Karlsruhe 2010) and is only now classified as an irritant.

Reduces emissions by 40%!

Less chemicals menas,in consequence, less released gasses and particles. Therefore, FS90i® convinces by its environmental friendliness in comparison with regular washout solvents because it has 40% less emission (according to an expertise of the CUTEC Institute/TU Clausthal 2010).


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